BriTeQ Powerpixel 8

Powerful indoor LED projector equipped with 8pcs 30W COB RGB-leds.
Thanks to the very wide 60° beam angle, this projector is the perfect solution for “close range” applications like wall washing but also great on concert stages, in theaters, discotheques, exhibition booths, …
Thanks to the RGB point sources there are absolutely no color shadows
Absolutely perfect color mixing, even at very close range
Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows.
Excellent 16bit RGB color mixing and dimming down to 0%
RDM compatible (Remote Device Management):
Remote DMX-addressing
Remote DMX-mode setup

HD-Video compatible: 1200Hz refresh rate
Silent operation, thanks to the temperature controlled “low airstream” cooling system.
Shows work in standalone, master/slave or can be selected by DMX:
Static colors
Fading colors
Different static chases
Different sound activated chases
Full DMX control with different channel modes, ranging from simple 3CH-mode to 16CH/32CH mode for full RGB+DIM control of every single pixel.
Prepared for wireless DMX: just plug-in an optional WTR-DMX DONGLE ! (optional, Briteq® code 4645)
Backlit alphanumeric 2x 16character LCD-display for easy menu navigation
Neutrik PowerCon in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units.
Both 3pin & 5pin DMX in/outputs for maximum compatibility
High efficiency and low power consumption!
Multifunctional bracket, designed for both floor and truss mounting.

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