Follow-Me System with 1 Console and Fader Set

Follow-Me offers remote follow-spot and performer tracking solutions, providing reliable performer positioning information.

Follow-Me allows users to assign an unlimited amount of fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to follow multiple persons from one operating system. The use of traditional spotlights often takes up a lot of space and also costs a bunch. The risk assessments from having to put followspotters in dangerous positions also take a lot of time.

With Follow-Me, these things are now in the past. Follow-Me can be used with any light that is able to pan and tilt from any manufacturer. No new specific moving heads are needed in your setup, resulting in further cost savings. A complete Follow-Me system barely takes up any space, and can thus easily be transported in a compact peli-case, reducing transport and logistics costs.

The Follow-Me system has proven to be enormously reliable as remote follow spot control for a large number of shows. Our clients are especially satisfied with the flexibility of Follow-Me and the extensive Follow-Me team support.

Published On: December 14th, 2022Categories: ,
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