High End Systems SolaHyBeam 3000

With a feature set designed for beam control, aerial effects, and raw power, the 37,000 lumen SolaHyBeam 3000 has all the elements to cut through the haze and shine brilliantly in the world’s largest venues. Powered by an exceptionally efficient White Light LED engine, it features a large front aperture and optimized long throw optics for superior light output throughout the fixture’s wide zoom range. SolaHyBeam 3000 includes an intense narrow beam and wide zoom range, a full curtain framing system, CMY color mixing plus CTO-linear color control, fixed wheel with six colors plus TM-30 filter, a rotating pattern wheel with 7 patterns plus open, Trifusion frost, a 16-blade iris, and three prisms on two planes for dual simultaneous prism usage.

Published On: March 3rd, 2023Categories:
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