Luminex Ethernet DMX 8 Mk2

The Luminex DMX 8 MkII is the 8 port edition of the Ethernet-DMX converter range. The unit serves 8 shielded DMX outlets, that can be used as input or output, and also offers two Ethernet ports (front and rear) for an easy network connection with a graphical display for a better settings visualisation.

This unit is the ideal companion for high demanding lighting show, where channel count requires lots of DMX outputs.

This all comes in a 19” unit high metal housing for the Ethernet-DMX8 MkII. The Ethernet-DMX8/Truss MkII comes in a rugged truss mountable metal housing with two M10 inserts. This enclosure allows to use the node in a truss, on a wall or as a table top device.

Published On: December 12th, 2022Categories:
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