Pulsar DMX Splitter DS5

The Pulsar DataSplitter range of DMX splitters are designed distribute, split, and regenerate nearly any digital data signal from DC to 500KHz, including DMX. DataSplitter is known throughout the industry as a robust DMX distributor and splitter thanks to its mains-protected outputs.

DataSplitter’s compact 1U 19-inch design provides signal-in and -thru ports in addition to the 8 independent and mains-protected outputs. All ports are on one side of the DMX splitter for ease of connectivity in touring applications or an uncluttered front when in permanent installations.

DataSpliter can be powered from 100 to 240V mains or a 12-25V low voltage supply from pin-5 of any connection. The unit can also be customised to feature all 3-pin, all 5-pin, or an equal mix of XLR3 and XLR5 connectors for signal and DMX distribution in rigs where both sets are in use.

Splitter/buffer for digital serial data
8 Data LED pairs indicate signal flow
All ports capable of withstanding 240V
Ideal DMX splitter and DMX distributor
Compact 1U 19-inch rack mount enclosure
In/Thru and 8 independent isolated outputs on one side
Operates with signals from DC to 500KHz (compatible with DMX, RS232, RS485 etc.)
100 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz, auto ranging supply and/or 12 to 25V DC low voltage supply

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