The Project

The project was part of the recent opening of the new Johnstone Town Hall. It involved installing a two sets of drape systems, one for theatre and the other for wedding use, allowing the space to be turned around with minimal operatives.

We were awarded this project through the public tender process. We were successful in this bid as we were the most price competitive and we did the main installation for the project and the client knew the quality and level of our installation and workmanship. We worked with the client initially to come up with the specification to go out to tender.

Johnstone Town Hall is a £14.5m local community venue with a range of modern community facilities. We installed drape systems for the venue as well as initially installing their theatre infrastructure. The success of the project highlights our expertise at installing drape systems, our competitive prices and excellent customer service in which clients return later for more business.

Key Project Steps

  • Preparation: We completed specification of venue drapes and motorized curtain tracks, visited the site and conducted pre-risk assessments of the venue and installation and completed Invitation to Tender documents and pricing documents.
  • Installation: We then installed the drapes and curtain tracks, commissioned it and handed it over to the client while give them adequate training. Our solution featured the installation of 3no motorized raise/lower curtain tracks, plus a spin down the hall for 44 wedding drapes to be hung and swagged to the walls. The installation involved a three-man team working over three weeks.

The Results

We were able to deliver a cost-effective solution that met the technical specifications and timescale required by the venue. The work resulting in an admirable and practical drape system that can be used easily for functions.

Johnstone Town Hall

Service: Installations
Sector: Venue

Completion: August 2015
Location: Johnstone, Paisley
Client: Renfrewshire Council

Kit List:

  • 4no Pilewind Motors
  • EEE Curtain track
  • BWS Drapes
  • Custom wedding drapes
  • Prolyte X30L Truss