The Project

We created two dramatic lighting installations at the National Mining Museum Scotland. The project uses innovative LED technology to create the illusion that the pit wheel at the 19th century Lady Victoria Colliery in Newtongrange is once again turning. Similar technology is used to make it seem as if the famous gantry that crosses the A7 to the pithead is being thronged by miners carrying lamps.

The installations bring the pithead and gantry of the museum to life at night and create a new night time landmark in the Midlothian landscape. The project highlights our experience installing a wide range of architectural lighting schemes and shows that we are experts at working with, installing and programming LED systems.

Key Project Steps

  • Following the project brief, we proposed the lighting scheme to the client. We then proposed budget pricing which allowed the client to look for funding for the project.
  • We illuminated the windows along the length of the miners’ access bridge with 30 LED battens to create the effect we required. This system was designed to allow the client to set specific preprogramed colours or effects for special events or parties.
  • The frame work of the pithead was highlighted using dynamic white LED washes so that we could adjust the colour temperature of the fittings.
  • The wheels of the pithead were illuminated with several small 1W LED fittings.
  • These were programmed in the sequence to give the effect of the two wheels of the pithead turning in opposite directions (as they would have when in use).

Key Challenges

The pithead is high from the ground and working at height was challenging, especially given the Scottish weather. However, our experienced rope access technicians were able to safely install the fittings and cabling.

We worked with the Museum and liaised with Historic Scotland to ensure that the project was carried out in strict accordance with all heritage conservation criteria.

National Mining Museum

Service: Installations
Sector: Education

Completion: Oct 2011
Location: Lady Victoria Colliery; Newtongrange
Client: National Mining Museum Scotland

Kit List:

  • Traxon Wall Wash AC Shield Dynamic White.
  • 18’s and 36’s in various beam angles.
  • Crescent 1W IP69 Cool White LED fittings.
  • RGB 3 Cell LED Battens.
  • eCue CC 12 Way Dimming, eCue Butler XT’s.