The Project

The nine large metallic tanks that stand in the grounds of Tennent Caledonian’s Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow are a well-known industrial landmark. We replaced the old architectural lighting system that illuminated the tanks and also installed an external video projection system. The success of the project highlights our expertise on large-scale exterior lighting schemes.

Our Solution

Because of their high IP rating and robustness, we chose Wall Washer Shield AC XB-36 RGB’s from Traxon (40 units were used). These were positioned to create washes of colour up the side of the tanks and to illuminate the structures, when necessary, from top to bottom.

Intended for wall washing and grazing, the Wall Washer AC XB-36 RGB provides a sophisticated bright-light output that can be projected over long distances and which offers a broad range of colours. They were therefore perfect for the job.

The units make use of LED technology which provides a range of benefits over other older technologies, including much longer lamp life, very low maintenance and running costs and greater control. The fittings have their own dimming equipment built in.
Control was provided by two locally linked e:cue Light-Drive Elites (wall-mounted standalone DMX controllers). Using these controls the user can easily set up colour change effects and control the brightness of the lighting. Time-clock switching was also specified to allow pre-defined running times (e.g. only during the hours of darkness).

Key Project Steps

  • Based on the project specification we designed the system and procured the necessary equipment
  • A demonstration of the lighting fittings and video projection equipment
  • Installed, programmed and commissioned the lighting and projection equipment

Key Challenges

Due to the height of the brewery tanks we required high-level access equipment and expertise. We also needed qualified electricians to wire our system into the existing power supply. We have these capabilities in our team, so we were able to do everything in house.

The project required a significant quantity of robust, high-quality LED fittings. We were able to procure these on budget and on schedule due to our partnership with Osram (for whom we are an official partner).

Tennent Caledonian’s Wellpark Brewery

Service: Installations
Sector: Architectural

Completion: October 2012
Location: Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery, Glasgow
Client: 442 Design

Kit list:

  • Traxon Wall Washer Shield AC XB-36 (RGB 30deg Clear Cover)
  • Traxon e:cue Light-Drive Elite