The Project

The project brief was to provide exterior architectural lighting for the main façade of the Rutland Hotel. The client specified that the installed lighting must be RGB LED and low maintenance. We became involved in this project after we received an enquiry from the client for Christmas lights.

The Equipment

After reviewing the location and the project requirements, we specified the compact yet powerful Traxon Liner Shield AC XB. This combines high-intensity LEDs (to keep running costs down) and offers sophisticated bright light output and a broad range of colours consisting of RGB, warm white, and cool white tones. Its simple connection system and long run length capability enables easy installation for large-scale lighting projects.The project required 22 of these units. These were installed in an arc above the lintel of the building’s façade. When switched on they create a striking vertical lighting scheme that picks out the building’s main columns.

The lights are linked to a sophisticated but simple-to-use control system, located in The Rutland’s basement. This allows the bar’s staff to programme the lights to display any colour from a vast spectrum of 16 million hues. The lighting effects can also be programmed to provide a rainbow effect or a dynamic sweep of colours.

Key Project Steps

  • Project review and quote – we reviewed the project requirements and then gave the client a number of proposals. The client chose an option that allowed a full colour-change to be programmed.
  • Sample fitting – a sample of the proposed technology was put in place in order to gain planning approval from Edinburgh City Council.
  • Installation – a team of four worked over a four-day period to install and commission the new lighting scheme.

Key Challenges

The age of the building, its architectural importance and its prominent position all had to be taken into account in the design and implementation of this project. We had to be particularly careful to ensure that we were not damaging the fabric of the building. We also had to ensure that the lighting scheme we implemented was in keeping with the prestigious nature of the hotel’s location.

The position of the Rutland Hotel on a main thoroughfare also created additional challenges in terms of public safety and access. The pavement on one side of the building was a pedestrian bottleneck (made worse by the tram works that were going on while we were working on the project). This meant that we had to be particularly careful to set up appropriate signage and barricades. It also meant that a member of our team had to be on the ground to direct pedestrians at all times during the project.

Client Feedback

“The outside lights look fantastic, we have had many comments about them! Both Martin and Jock were first class to deal with – knowledgeable without being patronising and very helpful, timely and on occasion funny!” Louise MacLean, Signature Pubs.

The Rutland Hotel

Service: Installations
Sector: Architectural

Completion: December 2013
Location: Rutland Place, Edinburgh
Client: The Rutland Hotel

Kit List:

  • Traxon Liner Shield AC XB-27 RGB 10 Deg beam angle
  • e:cue Light-Drive Elite