The Project

We were asked to design, supply and install a lighting finale display for the annual Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Torchlight Procession. This was in collaboration with Titanium Fireworks and was designed to go along with a chosen piece of music.

The event is world famous and kicks off the Hogmanay period perfectly.

Key Project Steps

• Initial design and costing
• Design edits
• Pre-programming using WYSIWYG
• Supply and installation
• Rehearsal
• Show
• Take out

Key Points

This was the first time we lit the Dugald Stewart Monument, St Andrew’s House and George IV Bridge. The entire site was controlled by LumenRadio equipment and we ran the show utilising time code. It was also the first time we programmed the final display using the WYSIWYG programming suite.

Key Challenges

There were a number of challenges we had to deal with on this project; working with Nelson Monument to arrange the safe access and exit without disturbing their visitors whilst also dealing with the current construction site, the distance of the control system signal to St Andrew’s House and the very cold windy Scottish weather.

Torchlight Procession

Service: Events
Sector: Outdoor

Completion: 30th December 2016
Location:  Calton Hill, Edinburgh
Client: Unique Events

Kit List:

6no Robe Robin MMX Spots
14no SGM G-Spot
9no Clay Paky Spheriscan
4no Studio Due Space Flower
20no Briteq Megabeam
14no Robe Cityskape 48
17no Studio Due RGBW City Color LED
36no Osram NSP LED Pars
7no Osram MFL LED Pars

1no ETC Gio (Active)
1no ETC Ion (Back-up)
1no ETC Ion (Active)
1no Chamsys R8 Node
1no Ethercon Switch
5no Universes of Lumen Radio

3no 6×4 LiteDeck
6no 4×4 LiteDeck
17no 8×4 LiteDeck
LiteDeck Handrail / 4n1 Leg Adaptors